Hi, my name is Chris Dixon.

I’m a designer & front‑end developer.

My Work

    • Brandwidth - Homepage

      Brandwidth Homepage

    • Brandwidth - About Page

      Brandwidth About Page


    Site Design & Build

    This was Brandwidth's first redesign in 3 years and we really wanted to make a statement; both visually and technologically. I was given free reign on this design and build from concept to completion.

    Visit the site: Brandwidth.com

  • EasySeat Tickets

    EasySeat Tickets Homepage

    EasySeat Tickets

    Site Redesign

    EasySeat needed a site redesign that was search-centric while still tying into their current off-the-shelf SiteFinity CMS. The design I developed was part of a much broader rebrand that helped pull in record profits.

    Visit the site: EasySeat.com

    • Transitions PRO - Homepage

      Transitions PRO Homepage

    • Transitions PRO - Dashboard

      Transitions PRO Dashboard

    Transitions PRO

    Site Design & Build

    Transitions PRO is a resource portal for optical practices to learn more about Transitions products and gain access to practice building materials such as point-of-sale items and demo kits.

    Visit the site: TransitionsPRO.com

  • Event Registration iPad App

    Event Registration iPad App

    Transitions Optical

    Event Registration iPad App

    Transitions needed an easy way collect visitor's information at national trade shows without the headache of manually entering handwritten info. I, along with another developer at Brandwidth, put together a user-friendly iPad app for non-tech-savvy visitors to enter their information and submit video testimonials.

  • EyeGlass Guide

    EyeGlass Guide Homepage

    EyeGlass Guide

    Site Redesign & Rebuild

    Transitions Optical wanted to create a consumer-facing resource that not only supplied static eye care information throughout the site but included an interactive quiz with custom recommendations for your next eyeglass purchase.

    Visit the site: EyeGlassGuide.com

  • Guardhouse Security Services

    Guardhouse Homepage

    Guardhouse Security Services

    Site Design

    Guardhouse Security Services needed a new B2C website that stood out from other local security system competitors. Our main focus was to push the Home Security Assessment that we had built for them with a call-to-action with special offers with the assessment results.

    Visit the site: GuardhouseSecurity.com

  • Transitions Vantage

    Transitions Vantage Homepage

    Transitions Vantage

    Site Design & Build

    Transitions needed to wow eyecare professionals with a new B2B site to feature their new Transitions® Vantage lenses. This site featured several interactive javascript demonstrations to show off their new product.

  • Realized Worth Homepage

    Realized Worth Homepage

    Realized Worth

    Site Design & Build

    Before hitting their stride consulting on the subject of corporate responsibility for some of the largest companies in the world, Realized Worth needed a fresh brand and website. I was able to supply them with both. A new brand that really spoke to their corporate volunteering mission and a WordPress website that played up their culture of caring.

    Visit the site: RealizedWorth.com

  • Sweet Grass Homepage

    Sweet Grass Homepage

    Sweet Grass Restaurant

    Site Design & Build

    Sweet Grass Restaurant needed a site that would not only allow their prospective customers to easily find their hours and location, but also peruse their menus and specials. All this within the exceedingly user-friendly WordPress CMS.

    • The Urban Chalkboard

      Urban Chalkboard Grand Opening Flyer

    • The Urban Chalkboard

      Urban Chalkboard Schedule Card

    The Urban Chalkboard

    Introductory Print Collateral

    Before The Urban Chalkboard could break new ground by opening the very first play café / learning studio in the greater Indianapolis area they needed to get the word out. I designed playful, yet tasteful, flyers and promos to be passed out throughout the neighborhood to boost interest.

    • Zeiss and Transitions Print Collateral

      Zeiss National Trade Print Collateral

    • Zeiss and Transitions Stickers

      Zeiss National Trade Stickers

    Carl Zeiss Vision

    National B2B Trade Promotion

    Carl Zeiss Vision approached us to create a trade promotion advertising their partnership with Transitions Optical. We decided to go retro with classic mid-century modern style illustrations of a national roadmap with famous landmarks throughout the United States. This was a fun and ambitious project with a tight deadline with many deliverables.

  • EyeGlass Guide Sales Sheet

    EyeGlass Guide Sales Sheet

    EyeGlass Guide

    Sales Sheet

    Transitions needed a quick and easy way to tout the many accomplishments of the EyeGlass Guide to Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) while also conforming to their recent rebrand. We combined impressive stats with strong imagery to implore ECPs to recommend the EyeGlass Guide to their patients before their visit.

  • Litz Real Estate Print Ads

    Litz Real Estate Print Ads

    Litz Real Estate

    Magazine Ad Design

    When Litz Real Estate wanted to push their renovated properties within their respective neighborhoods, I designed these ads to promote their properties where they needed to be seen the most, local homeowner periodicals as well as an Indianapolis-area magazine focusing on high-end living.

  • Brandwidth Logo

    Logo Design


    Logo Design

    After some major internal changes at Brandwidth, we all agreed a rebrand was in order. After developing several options, this design was chosen by the team.

  • Darnay Homeworks & Construction

    Logo & Business Card Design

    Darnay Homeworks & Construction

    Logo & Business Card Design

    As a new business, getting your name out there without an identity can be tough. Darnay Homeworks & Construction was in such a predicament before calling on me. Within a week I had provided several logo concepts to choose from and once that was finalized, I quickly designed some business cards to bring their image to the next level.

  • Micro-Armor

    Micro-Armor Logo


    Logo Design

    Micro-Armor was an unfortunate case of letting excitement get the better of you; on the client side as well as my own. They unfortunately discussed logos with us with a quick turnaround before verifying that the purchase of the Micro-Armor name was legit. Lesson learned on both sides.

  • Realized Worth

    Realized Worth Logo

    Realized Worth

    Logo Design

    Realized Worth originally approached me about a redesign of their website. At the time they didn't have an established brand, which would make a website design difficult. I recommended that we work on an identity before beginning on the website. We zeroed in on a mark that really represents their business.

  • Innov8 Social

    Innov8 Social

    Innov8 Social

    Logo Design

    Innov8 Social is an organization lead by an attorney with an innovative vision for social media entrepreneurship. They required a logo to help grow their business and I was happy to oblige.

  • Guardhouse Product Icons

    Guardhouse Product Icons


    Brand Extension

    While designing the site we needed simple graphical representations for both home and business security services. While the main brand was designed by a colleague, I was tasked with this brand extension as part of the website design.

  • Transitions PRO

    Transitions PRO Logo

    Transitions PRO

    Program Logo

    While planning and wireframing Transitions' new B2B portal, I was also called on to design a new logo for the site and it's collateral.

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I’m a designer and front-end web developer with over 12 years of experience in the industry. I strive to create beautiful and enjoyable user experiences using every skill and tool in my belt. From brochures to cutting edge web portals and everything in between, I can handle just about anything you throw my way.

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